Sermon TitleScriptureSpeakerDate
Lest These Uncircumcised Men Come and Thrust Me Through and Abuse Me1 Samuel 31Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/01/15
This is David’s Spoil1 Samuel 30Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/18/15
Fight Against the Enemies of My Lord the King1 Samuel 29Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/11/15
Seeing the LORD Has Departed From You1 Samuel 28:3-25Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/04/15
You Shall Know What Your Servant Can Do1 Samuel 27-28:2Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/27/15
God Has Delivered Your Enemy Into Your Hand This Day1 Samuel 26Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/20/15
Blessed be the LORD, Who has Pleaded the Cause of my Reproach1 Samuel 25Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/13/15
Let the LORD Avenge1 Samuel 24Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/06/15
I Shall be Next to You1 Samuel 23:14-29Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/30/15
David Inquired of the LORD1 Samuel 23:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/23/15
But With Me1 Samuel 22:6-23Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/16/15
Till I Know What God Will Do For Me1 Samuel 21:10-22:5Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/02/15
So the Priest Gave Him the Holy Bread1 Samuel 21Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/19/15
May the LORD be Between You and Me1 Samuel 20Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/05/15
So David Fled and Escaped1 Samuel 19Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/28/15
The King’s Son-In-Law1 Samuel 18:17-30Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/21/15
What More Can He Have But the Kingdom?1 Samuel 18:1-16Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/14/15
Whom You Have Defied1 Samuel 17Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/31/15
But the Spirit of the LORD1 Samuel 16:13-23Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/24/15
I Have Provided Myself a King1 Samuel 16:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/17/15
What Then Is This Bleating Of The Sheep1 Samuel 15Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/26/15
Now Go and Attack Amalek1 Samuel 15Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/19/15
Do What Seems Good to You1 Samuel 14:24-52Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/12/15
The LORD Saved Israel That Day1 Samuel 14:1-23Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/22/15
A Man After His Own Heart1 Samuel 13Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/15/15
Both You And Your King1 Samuel 12Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/08/15
Let Us Go To Gilgal and Renew the Kingdom1 Samuel 11Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/01/15
Saul the Son of Kish was Chosen1 Samuel 10Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/22/15
Taller Than Any of the People1 Samuel 9Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/15/15
Now Make For Us a King1 Samuel 8Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/08/15
Ebenezer1 Samuel 7Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/01/15
Who is Able to Stand Before this Holy LORD God?1 Samuel 6Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/25/15
The Hand of the LORD Was Heavy1 Samuel 5Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/18/15
Ichabod!1 Samuel 4Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/11/15
The Word of the Lord1 Samuel 3Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/05/15
Who Will Intercede For Him1 Samuel 2:11-36Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/14/14
My Heart Rejoices in the LORD1 Samuel 2:1-10Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/07/14
Lent to the LORD1 Samuel 1Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/30/14