Sermon TitleScriptureSpeakerDate
For His Mercies Are Great2 Samuel 24Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/24/16
The Names of the Mighty Men2 Samuel 23:8-39Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/17/16
Ordered in All Things and Secure2 Samuel 23:1-7Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/10/16
Great Deliverance He Gives to His King2 Samuel 22Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/03/16
The Lamp of Israel2 Samuel 21:15-22Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/26/16
With What shall I Make Atonement?2 Samuel 21:1-14Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/19/16
Peaceable and Faithful in Israel2 Samuel 20Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/29/16
Bringing Back the King2 Samuel 19:9-43Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/22/16
You Love Your Enemies and Hate Your Friends2 Samuel 18:1-19:8Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/15/16
For the LORD Had Purposed2 Samuel 16:15-17:29Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/08/16
Where is Your Master’s Son?2 Samuel 16:1-4Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/01/16
If I Find Favor in the Eyes of the LORD2 Samuel 15Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/24/16
Discerning Good and Evil2 Samuel 13Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/17/16
So Tamar Remained Desolate2 Samuel 13Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/10/16
Then David Comforted Bathsheba2 Samuel 12:15-31Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/03/16
The LORD Also Has Put Away Your Sin2 Samuel 12:1-15Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/20/16
But the Thing That David Had Done Displeased the LORD2 Samuel 11Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/13/16
Wait at Jericho2 Samuel 10Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/06/16
To Whom I May Show the Kindness of God2 Samuel 9Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/28/16
The LORD Preserved David Wherever He Went2 Samuel 8Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/21/16
Therefore Your Servant Found It In His Heart to Pray2 Samuel 7:18-29Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/14/16
Your House and Your Kingdom Shall Be Established Forever2 Samuel 7Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/07/16
David Was Wearing a Linen Ephod2 Samuel 6Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/31/16
The Ark of the LORD Came into the City of David2 Samuel 6Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/24/16
As Far as Gezer2 Samuel 5:17-25Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/17/16
For His People Israel’s Sake2 Samuel 5:6-16Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/10/16
Thinking to Have Brought Good News2 Samuel 4Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/27/15
And I am Weak Today, Though Anointed King2 Samuel 3Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/13/15
War Between the House of Saul and the House of David2 Samuel 2:8-3:1Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/06/15
Be Strengthened, and Be Valiant2 Samuel 2:1-7Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/22/15
How the Mighty Have Fallen2 Samuel 1:17-27Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/15/15
Your Blood is on Your Own Head2 Samuel 1:1-16Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/08/15
Bathsheba – “Just as I Swore to you by the LORD God of Israel”2 Samuel 11; 1 Kings 1:11-31Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/13/13