Sermon TitleScriptureSpeakerDate
In All The ScripturesLuke 23:26-24:12Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/15/23
They Remembered His WordsLuke 23:26-24:12Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/08/23
False and True JusticeLuke 22:63-23:25Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/01/23
Dayspring From on HighLuke 1:76-79Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/24/22
I Am Among You As The One Who ServesLuke 22:24-38Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/11/22
The Passover Lamb Had to Be SacrificedLuke 22:1-23Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/04/22
The End Will Not Be at OnceLuke 21:5-38Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/27/22
Scribes and WidowsLuke 20:45-21:4Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/13/22
Jesus: Teacher and LordLuke 20:27-44Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/23/22
The Stone the Builders Rejected Luke 20:1-26Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/09/22
The Coming of the LordLuke 19:28-48Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/02/22
Parable of the Ten MinasLuke 18:18-19:10Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/25/22
Sinners, Riches, and the Kingdom of GodLuke 18:18-19:10Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/18/22
Parables on PrayerLuke 18:1-17Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/11/22
The Days of the Son of ManLuke 17:20-37Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/04/22
Unworthy Thankful ServantsLuke 17:7-19Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/28/22
Pay Attention to YourselvesLuke 17:1-6Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/21/22
The Rich Man and LazarusLuke 16:19-31Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/14/22
The Good News of the Kingdom of GodLuke 16:14-18Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/07/22
Parable of the Unrighteous ManagerLuke 16:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/10/22
Rejoicing at the Lost and FoundLuke 15Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/03/22
Be My DiscipleLuke 14:25-35Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/26/22
Blessed is Everyone Who Will Eat Bread in the Kingdom of God!Luke 14:1-24Rev. W. Reid Hankins, M.Div.06/12/22
What is the Kingdom of God LikeLuke 13:18-14:6Rev. W. Reid Hankins, M.Div.06/05/22
Be Loosed on the Sabbath Day!Luke 13:10-17Mr. Marlin Viss05/29/22
Fruitless Sinners and OffendersLuke 13:1-9Mr. Marlin Viss05/22/22
To Cast Fire on the EarthLuke 12:49-59Mr. Marlin Viss05/15/22
For the Son of Man is ComingLuke 12:35-48Mr. Marlin Viss05/08/22
Where Is Your Heart?Luke 12:13-32Mr. Marlin Viss05/01/22
Whom to FearLuke 12:1-12Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/24/22
Woe to YouLuke 11:37-54Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/10/22
When Your Eye is HealthyLuke 11:29-36Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/03/22
Sermon Title: By Beelzebul or by the Finger of GodLuke 11:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/27/22
Teach Us to PrayLuke 11:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/20/22
Martha, Mary, and JesusLuke 10:38-42Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/13/22
The Parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/06/22
The Harvest is PlentifulLuke 10:1-24Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/27/22
I Will Follow YouLuke 9:57-61Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/20/22
The One Who Is GreatLuke 9:46-56Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/13/22
Let These Words Sink Into Your EarsLuke 9:37-45Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/06/22
My Son, My Chosen One, Listen to HimLuke 9:18-35Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/30/22
Of the Kingdom of God: Apostles, Prophets, and Christ JesusLuke 9:1-17Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/23/22
A Crowd and Two DaughtersLuke 8:40-56Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/16/22
Only Do Not Rebel Against the LORDNumbers 14:1-38Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/09/22
A Man from the City Who Had DemonsLuke 8:26-39Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/02/22
And There Was a Calm Luke 8:22-39Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/26/21
After Lighting a Lamp Luke 8:16-21Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/12/21
The Secrets of the Kingdom of God Luke 8:1-15Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/05/21
A Certain Moneylender Had Two DebtorsLuke 7:36-50Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/28/21
Yet the One Who is Least in the Kingdom of GodLuke 7:18-35Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/21/21
Sermon on the Plain: A Great Prophet Has ArisenLuke 7:1-17Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/07/21
Sermon on the Plain: When a Flood AroseLuke 6:43-49Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/24/21
Sermon on the Plain: Seeing ClearlyLuke 6:37-42Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/17/21
Sermon on the Plain: Love Your EnemiesLuke 6:27-36Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/10/21
Sermon on the Plain: The Beatitudes and WoesLuke 6:17-26Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/03/21
Twelve Whom He Named ApostlesLuke 6:12-16Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/26/21
On a SabbathLuke 6:1-11Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/19/21
But Yours Eat and DrinkLuke 5:33-39Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/12/21
Power of the Lord was with Him to HealLuke 5:12-32Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/05/21
Catching Humans AliveLuke 5:1-11Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/29/21
I Must Preach the Good NewsLuke 4:31-44Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/22/21
To Proclaim the Year of the Lord’s FavorLuke 4:14-30Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/15/21
The Son of Adam, The Son of GodLuke 3:21-4:13Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/08/21
I Am Not WorthyLuke 3:15-22Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/25/21
In Favor With God and ManLuke 2:40-52Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/27/21
From Nazareth to Nazareth Luke 2:1-39Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/20/21
A Baptism of RepentanceLuke 3:1-14Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/18/21
To Bring You This Good NewsLuke 1:5-80Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/13/21
The Gospel According to Luke: An IntroductionLuke 1:1-4Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/06/21
The Song of Zechariah (The Benedictus)Luke 1:68-79Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/20/20
Foolishness and the ResurrectionLuke 24:25Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/01/18
To YouLuke 2:10-12Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/24/17
Idle TalesLuke 24:1-12Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/16/17
A Decree Went OutLuke 2:1-7Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/25/16
The King of the JewsLuke 23Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/25/16
Mary and Martha: “That Good Part”Luke 10:38-42Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/08/13
Now Which of Them Will Love Him More?Luke 7:36-8:3Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/01/13
Mary and Elizabeth: “For With God Nothing Will Be Impossible”Luke 1:26-45Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/10/13
Slow of Heart to BelieveLuke 24Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/08/12
Father, Forgive ThemLuke 23:34Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/06/12
But Where are the Nine?Luke 17:11-19Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/20/11
He Saw the City and Wept Over ItLuke 19:28-48Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/17/11
Blessed is the Fruit of Your WombLuke 1:26-45Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/19/10