An Orthodox Presbyterian Voice in the North Bay

It seemed timely to post this local newspaper article regarding religion and Christmas from 44 years ago to the date (posted December 29, 1976). It’s a relatively brief article surveying six pastors in Novato regarding their perceived religious significance of Christmas among their congregations and the community. You will notice that the last pastor quoted was our own Pastor Richard C. Miller.

Over our fifty years of ministry, there have been various opportunities like this in print, radio, online, and elsewhere to contribute a reformed perspective to various issues under discussion by our community. More recently, Pastor Reid Hankins had the opportunity to contribute to an article in May to the Marin Independent Journal that surveyed thoughts from different area pastors regarding responding to the coronavirus.

While such opportunities for press can be limited and sometimes even suffer from undesired editing, it nonetheless represents our church having opportunity to be a present voice for Christ in the community and to provide a sound biblical perspective to issues under discussion. As the diversity of other voices seems to be ever growing in our community, with increasingly non-biblical viewpoints being presented, this is more important than ever. Let us pray that we would continue to have such opportunities to be a reformed witness in our area. God has placed us in this community to bear witness for Christ and his Holy Word.


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