Daughter, Your Faith Has Made You Well

Last week we looked at this same passage, but focused on the story of Jairus and his daughter.  This week we will focus on the woman with the flow of blood in verses 25-34.  We consider her faith as she came to Jesus.  And as we look at the faith of this woman with the flow of blood, I want us to think about our own faith as well.  Last week we talked about responding in faith amidst trials.  This week I want us to think about what that faith looks like.  Do we go to Jesus first, or somewhere else?  And do we go to Jesus in the ways that he tells us to, or with our own made up approach?  So let’s dig into this passage and we’ll flush out these questions as we consider this woman and her faith, and more importantly, as we consider Jesus’ ministry to her.

Passage: Mark 5:21-43
Author: Rev. W. Reid Hankins, M.Div.
Sermon originally preached during the Morning Service at Trinity Presbyterian Church (OPC) on 05/25/2008 in Novato, CA.

Click here for the manuscript.


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