Sermon TitleScriptureSpeakerDate
Who Do You Say That I Am?Mark 8:11-38Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/14/19
He Is Risen!Mark 16Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/12/09
Waiting for the Kingdom of GodMark 15:42-47Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/29/09
Darkness Over the Whole LandMark 15:33-41Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/22/09
That We May See and BelieveMark 15:16-32Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/15/09
Wanting to Gratify the CrowdMark 15:1-15Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/08/09
He Began to Curse and SwearMark 14:66-72Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/01/09
Many Bore False WitnessMark 14:53-65Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/22/09
As Against a RobberMark 14:43-52Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/15/09
Watch and PrayMark 14:32-42Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/01/09
They All Said LikewiseMark 14:27-31Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/25/09
The Blood of the CovenantMark 14:22-26Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/18/09
Surely Not I?Mark 14:12-21Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/11/09
As a MemorialMark 14:1-11Rev. W. Reid Hankins01/04/09
Watch!Mark 13Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/28/08
All That She HadMark 12:38-44Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/14/08
How is He then His Son?Mark 12:35-37Rev. W. Reid Hankins12/07/08
More Than All the Whole Burnt Offerings and SacrificesMark 12:28-34Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/23/08
The God of the LivingMark 12:18-27Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/16/08
Rendering to Caesar and to GodMark 12:13-17Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/09/08
The Baptism of John, Was it from Heaven, or of Men?Mark 11:27-12:12Rev. W. Reid Hankins11/02/08
He Found Nothing But LeavesMark 11:12-26Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/26/08
The Lord Has Need of ItMark 11:1-11Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/19/08
What Do You Want Me To Do For You?Mark 10:32-52Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/12/08
With God All Things Are PossibleMark 10:17-31Rev. W. Reid Hankins10/05/08
For of Such Is the Kingdom of GodMark 10:13-16Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/28/08
What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man SeparateMark 10:1-12Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/21/08
Have Salt in YourselvesMark 9:42-50Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/14/08
He Who Is Not Against UsMark 9:38-41Rev. W. Reid Hankins09/07/08
If Anyone Desires to be FirstMark 9:30-37Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/31/08
O Faithless GenerationMark 9:14-29Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/17/08
They Came Down From the MountainMark 9:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins08/10/08
Whoever Desires to Come After MeMark 8:31-9:1Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/27/08
You Are The ChristMark 7:31-8:30Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/20/08
Even the Little DogsMark 7:24-37Rev. W. Reid Hankins07/06/08
But Their Heart is Far From MeMark 7:1-23Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/29/08
They Supposed It Was a GhostMark 6:45-56Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/22/08
You Give Them Something to EatMark 6:30-44Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/15/08
Like One of the ProphetsMark 6:14-29Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/08/08
They Went Out and Preached that People Should RepentMark 6:1-13Rev. W. Reid Hankins06/01/08
Daughter, Your Faith Has Made You WellMark 5:21-43Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/25/08
Do Not Be Afraid — Only BelieveMark 5:21-43Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/19/08
They Came to the Other Side of the SeaMark 5:1-20Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/11/08
Do You Still Not Have Faith?Mark 4:1-34Rev. W. Reid Hankins05/05/08
He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him HearMark 4:1-34Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/20/08
Here Are My Mother and My Brothers!Mark 3:20-35Rev. W. Reid Hankins04/15/08
He Appointed TwelveMark 3:7-20Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/30/08
Lord even of the SabbathMark 2:23-3:6Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/09/08
How is it that He Eats and Drinks?Mark 2:13-22Rev. W. Reid Hankins03/02/08
Power on Earth to Forgive SinsMark 2:1-12Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/24/08
I Am Willing — Be Cleansed!Mark 1:40-45Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/17/08
For this Purpose I Have Come ForthMark 1:14-45Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/10/08
Follow MeMark 1:16-20Rev. W. Reid Hankins02/03/08
The Time is FulfilledMark 1:1-15Mr. W. Reid Hankins12/23/07