For of Such Is the Kingdom of God

Two weeks ago, we saw how the disciples misunderstood the scope of Christ’s kingdom.  They tried to stop a man who was casting out demons in Christ’s name, because he wasn’t formally following along with the other disciples of Christ.  They tried to forbid the man from serving Christ.  But Christ challenged the disciples to see that that man was a part of Christ’s kingdom.  In today’s passage, the disciples are again confused about the scope of Christ’s kingdom.  Here they try to forbid children from being brought to Jesus.  Jesus again corrects the disciples.

You see, you don’t have to be an adult to be a part of Christ’s kingdom.  You don’t need to be grown up to be a Christian.  Jesus in this short passage gives us good news for our children and he gives good news for all of us.  He tells us that the kingdom of God belongs to children and to all who receive the kingdom as a child.  This calls us to examine our own attitude toward Children.  Do we bring our children to Jesus?  It also calls us to examine how we relate to the kingdom of God.  Are we receiving the kingdom of God as a child?  We’ll consider these questions as we study this passage.

Passage: Mark 10:13-16
Author: Rev. W. Reid Hankins, M.Div.
Sermon originally preached during the Morning Service at Trinity Presbyterian Church (OPC) on 09/28/2008 in Novato, CA.

Click here for the manuscript.


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