Spoonerisms and Presbytery Fellowship

Last Sunday, Pastor Reid made a slip of the tongue that immediately brought to mind to several members a longstanding love of spoonerisms coming from the pulpit.  Actually, such spoonerisms have come not so much from Novato pastors but from the beloved Rev. Carl E. Erickson of our sister congregation at New Covenant OPC in South San Francisco.  Each year at our presbytery Family Camp, Rev. Erickson’s wife Kathy has shared the many spoonerisms she has collected over the years, many having originated from her husband.   They continue to be a source of much laughter, as well as an opportunity to keep pastors humble!

Apparently, such spoonerisms inspired Rev. Miller back in 1987 to draw the attached cartoon, as found in the church archives.  This drawing is a delight on multiple levels, but especially as it represents the joy of reformed connections that we have with the members from the various churches in our presbytery.  Rev. Miller and Rev. Erickson were not just colleague pastors in our presbytery, but they were also close friends.  And members in our church have continued to build friendships with other members in our presbytery churches through the years.  It is a blessing that such friendships can fellowship together over a wide variety of topics that range from meaty reformed doctrines to the lighter side of laughing over spoonerisms, cartoons, and more.

As we remember the 50 years of our church history in Novato, we must also not forget to reflect on the many blessings we’ve enjoyed by being a part of our presbytery.  That too is an important part of our history.  Our presbytery fellowship has especially centered around many annual events over the years including Family Camp, Reformation Rally, the First OPC SF Harvest Dinner, Youth Camp, Presbyterial, Women’s Retreat, the Presbytery Picnic and much more! This is also an encouragement and reminder to our members to take advantage of such opportunities for fellowship with others in our presbytery.


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