Eschatology: Our Church’s History at its 50th Anniversary

Sunday School class led by Rev. W. Reid Hankins at Trinity Presbyterian Church (OPC) on 05/16/2021 in Novato, CA. This week we considered the history of the church at its 50th anniversary.


A Historical Sketch: Trinity Church, Orthodox Presbyterian, 1986

The following article was published in a 50th anniversary book for the denomination titled The Orthodox Presbyterian Church 1936-1986 edited by Charles G. Dennison and published in 1986. This article was originally published unsigned but was written by Rev. Richard C. Miller.

In 1969 two Orthodox Presbyterian families found themselves living in Novato, California. Novato is in the northern part of Marin County, just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The Williams family had come from the Goleta church and the Cantwells from Chula Vista, and both were driving 35 miles one way to worship in Berkeley. The Rev. Richard M. Lewis began a Bible class in Novato with these families and a few friends.

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But This is 1976!

Our next snapshot from the past is another article written by Pastor Miller for Outreach, this one published in the May, 1976 edition. In this article, Pastor Miller recounted the hardships our church faced in 1975. Such hardship led the congregation to a renewed commitment to prayer. Pastor Miller then joyfully reported how the next year in 1976 saw many refreshing answers to prayer and much improved circumstances for the church.

This article by Pastor Miller reminds us what a difference a year can make. As the challenging year of 2020 nears its end, may we look forward to what refreshing blessings and improved circumstances the Lord might bring for us in 2021. However, may Pastor Miller’s article especially remind us to yet labor long in prayer and through these trials to count them all joy as the Lord teaches us to depend on Him.