A Snapshot from 1982

Here is another snapshot of our church history as we read our denominational Home Missions update from April 1982. 

Several observations stand out:

  • For our church to be on the Home Missions report means that the congregation was still receiving denominational support as a home missions project, even though the church had been particularized since 1971 (such support is typically reserved for church plants). After initially particularizing, the church had encountered financial troubles and it sought and received help for a time from the denomination so it could continue the gospel ministry to our area.
  • The article mentions how if you belonged to the church you would definitely know the pastor and his family!  Being a small church has it benefits, and our church has always been a close-knit community where everyone can actually know each other.  While larger churches also have their benefits, there is a great value in a church community where everyone know each other.
  • It mentions a feature that has been true throughout the church’s history: that many people pass through for just a short season before moving out of the area – if only more would stay long term the church would have been much bigger.  Yet we trust in God’s providence even when he has families come just for a season.
  • Cross-referencing this article with church records, at that time in 1982 there were 29 communicant members and 22 covenant children on the membership rolls.  In comparison, our last reported numbers were 55 communicant members and 12 covenant children on the membership rolls.  Just four of those members from 1982 are still on our membership rolls today.

As we fast approach our fiftieth anniversary, we thank God how he has sustained the church and continued the ministry through each changing season. We are grateful to God to build on the labors of past generations as we seek to be a witness to Christ in Novato and beyond.


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