Eschatology: Our Church’s History at its 50th Anniversary

Sunday School class led by Rev. W. Reid Hankins at Trinity Presbyterian Church (OPC) on 05/16/2021 in Novato, CA. This week we considered the history of the church at its 50th anniversary.


Declaration of Intent

As we get close to our 50th anniversary in just a few days later this month (May 13), we remember that the organization of a new church generally begins first with the hard work of church planting where a core group of families is gathered around a common vision to organize the new church. Such was the case with our church, with the initial church planting work done with members of the Berkeley OPC who resided in Novato under the leadership of the Rev. Richard M. Lewis, and then under the leadership of the full-time church planter and missionary, the Rev. Robert H. Graham. By God’s grace, by the February before they were formally organized, the church had gathered a group of eleven families determined to see the church officially planted, signing a declaration of intent to that end.

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